Veteran Life

Live the Life You’ve Earned in Central Wisconsin

The Center’s top-ranked school systems, college networks and high quality of life provide the benefits veterans have earned. Living in Central Wisconsin gives veterans access to:

  • World-class outdoor recreation, stunning landscapes and natural areas
  • In-demand careers with opportunities for growth and advancement
  • Diverse, affordable housing and state-funded assistance for veterans

For Veterans


photo credit Midstate Technical College

Reach Your Full Potential

Central Wisconsin’s technical colleges and four-year universities are among the best in the nation. Whether you’re looking to start your education or continue your higher learning, the state offers generous tuition benefits for veterans and their families.

Our excellent K-12 schools are ready to prepare your kids for higher education or for skilled trades. With their impressive graduation rates, you can be sure your children will be just as ready to take on the world as you are.

Discover Your Career Calling

Central Wisconsin offers careers in many key industries, along with opportunities for growth and advancement. We focus on connecting employers with the skilled workers they need, and ensuring workers have access to job training, initiatives and programs to succeed.

Find a Place Where You Belong

If you’re looking for an ideal place to start and raise a family, Central Wisconsin’s welcoming communities are a great place to start. The region also features low housing costs, short commute times and community events everyone can enjoy.

Support is Never Far Away

In the Center, you’ll find solid ground to build a successful future beyond the military. Wisconsin’s highly regarded Department of Veteran Affairs has a Veterans Service Officer in each county to make sure you have access to all the benefits you’re eligible for.

Reconnect with Nature

With some of the nation’s best ATV and snowmobile trails, prime hunting and fishing destinations and dozens of peaceful state natural areas to explore, Central Wisconsin offers world-class outdoor recreation through all four seasons.

Kayaking in Central Wisconsin near Stevens Point - photo by Travel Wisconsin

Red Eye Brewing Company in Wausau, WI

The Jobs Are Plentiful, So Are the Break Areas

Skiing in Central Wisconsin, Granite Peak

Dells of Eau Claire in the Fall