Why Central Wisconsin?

Living in the Center

Centered Around Community

Central Wisconsin has something for everyone. Living in the Center gives you access to:

  • World-class, year-round outdoor recreation
  • Leading K-12 school systems, universities and childcare centers
  • Affordable cost of living at the center point from Wisconsin’s major cities

Access Thousands of Central Wisconsin Jobs

Central Wisconsin offers incredible opportunities for career growth in many leading industries. Working in the Center gives you access to:

  • Community initiatives to find in-demand jobs in your career field
  • Career-oriented educational courses in key industries
  • Programs and incentives for onsite and offsite job training

Build Your Business Legacy

Central Wisconsin fosters a thriving economy at just a few hours’ drive from the state’s largest cities. Doing business in the Center gives you access to:

  • Educational pipelines of skilled professionals from leading schools and universities
  • Tax credits and incentives to secure the land and facilities your business needs
  • Modern transportation infrastructure for shipping, receiving and traveling


At the Center of Where You Want to Be

Cost of Living

The average housing cost in the Center is less than $130K, compared to $300K nationally. You can afford to build the life you’ve always wanted here.

Friendly Community

The Center has a uniquely strong sense of community and culture you’ll find in the area’s events and attractions. Nothing says Central Wisconsin quite like breakfast on the local dairy farm.

Outdoor Recreation

Central Wisconsin features world-class outdoor recreation through all four seasons. You can ski or snowboard down Rib Mountain one day and explore one of our peaceful state natural areas the next.

Culture and Diversity

Central Wisconsin boasts a rich tapestry of culture and diversity, bringing together a vibrant mix of communities that celebrate their unique traditions and histories.

The annual Hmong Festival stands as a testament to the area’s cultural richness, showcasing the vibrant heritage of the Hmong community through art, music, and cuisine. The presence of the Ho-Chunk Nation further adds to the cultural mosaic, with its deep-rooted traditions and contributions to the region’s history. Additionally, Central Wisconsin embraces diversity by welcoming Ukrainian and Afghan communities, each bringing their own distinctive customs and flavors to the local scene.

This inclusive spirit is a testament to the region’s commitment to fostering an environment where all people, regardless of their background, are not only accepted but celebrated. Central Wisconsin proudly reflects a melting pot where residents and visitors alike can experience the beauty of different cultures coming together in harmony, creating a community that thrives on the strength of its diversity. Everyone is welcome in Central Wisconsin.

Ho-Chunk Nation Photo Credit ho-chunknation.com


Mosaic of North Central Wisconsin
Mosaic is a hub for community inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility, and belonging (IDEA+B) efforts in order to reduce redundancy and increase participation outreach led by other organizations.

Hmong American Center, Inc.

Central WI Hmong Professionals

Native Wisconsin Travel Guide

Native American Center

Stories From the Center

Putting Down Roots in Central Wisconsin

The job at Wenzel’s Farm brought me to Central Wisconsin almost 20 years ago, and the job and area have been very good to me. I love living here because of the beauty of the area, the variety of the four seasons and because people are willing to lend a helping hand whenever you need it.”

Mark Vieth


Most of the families in our east side (Wausau) neighborhood have children around our kids’ ages. It’s a very diverse neighborhood, and that’s what I love about it. It’s quiet, friendly, peaceful, private and safe. It’s the kind of neighborhood where people wave ‘hi’ as they pass on the road.”

Soua and Moua Thao

Central Wisconsin Residents

Central Wisconsin: a cherished haven. Good schools, friendly people, cheese, abundant boating spots, fresh produce, affordable living, less traffic and endless trails. A place where my heart found home, amidst nature's gifts and warm embrace.”

Guatam Malik

Stevens Point

Seeing the great people we have living here, raising their families, how much they care and are willing to help in any way they can is not something every community has. I love the small-town vibes and having the ability to know a lot of people to help make a difference in our community today.”

Megan Steckelberg


I enjoy life in Central Wisconsin for its mix of rural charm and nearby city living. Owning a business here is truly special, with a sense of small-town pride and the incredible impact a business can have on its communities.”

Trisha Ferkey,

Owner, Champion’s AutoWash

Since we were deciding between Madison and the Twin Cities, I was skeptical when my wife suggested that we move back to Central Wisconsin. I never spend time in traffic, and I have more time to spend with family and friends. There’s also a variety of affordable activities in the area and within a few hours of driving, including two great lakes, the Northwoods, the Driftless Area, & several larger cities.”

Sam Wessel

Wausau Resident

Central Wisconsin offers its residents an abundance of recreational opportunities within a short distance, making it a wonderful place to play year-round”

Kyle Kearns

Plover Resident

By the Numbers

Thriving Communities, Endless Opportunities


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Kayaking in Central Wisconsin near Stevens Point - photo by Travel Wisconsin

Red Eye Brewing Company in Wausau, WI

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