Building the Future of Modern Manufacturing

Rich Resources, Unlimited Opportunities

The Center has a long history of precision machining stainless steel for the state’s dairy farms and breweries, and today those skills are being applied to the needs of manufacturers. Doing business in the Center gives you access to:

  • Substantial manufacturing workforce trained in Industry 4.0 technologies
  • Modern transportation infrastructure for shipping, receiving and travel needs
  • Network of suppliers and manufacturers through our Supply Chain Marketplace


At the Center of Manufacturing & Engineering

Turning Jobs into Lifelong Careers

The Center is known for diverse manufacturing sectors, including automotive, paper products, plastics, metals and more. All that activity creates a wealth of long-term employment opportunities for engineers and manufacturing professionals across Central Wisconsin.

Technical Expertise and Training

Our education providers focus on training a new generation of workers with the skills local employers need. To meet the demand, they offer K-12 and college programs in manufacturing, CNC programming and operation, engineering, robotics, welding and more.

Weak Links? Not in our Supply Chain

Central Wisconsin’s strategic location within the state and proximity to major transportation networks contributes to a robust manufacturing supply chain. Plus, we help local businesses build connections and find the materials and services they need through our Supply Chain Marketplace.

Local Employers

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