Centergy’s Year in Review: Driving Growth and Engagement in Central Wisconsin

As Central Wisconsin continues its journey toward economic prosperity, Centergy continues to spearhead initiatives and collaborations that have helped propel the region forward. Over the past year, Centergy has achieved significant milestones, marking a period of growth, innovation, and community engagement.

Expanding Partnerships and Investments

In the past year, Centergy has experienced notable growth in both partners and investors, with nine new investors/partners joining Centergy. This influx underscores a growing confidence in the economic potential of Central Wisconsin. Additionally, an increase in funding allocated to development projects reflects a positive outlook for future investment and growth in the region.


Championing Policy Advocacy

Centergy has emerged as a vocal advocate for Central Wisconsin’s interests, actively participating in legislative committees and discussions on key policy issues. Through its advocacy efforts, Centergy has successfully supported 16+ bills with 4 being signed into law, addressing critical aspects of economic development. This proactive engagement ensures that the region’s priorities are effectively represented at the policymaking level.


Strategic Talent Attraction and Retention

Centergy’s focus on talent attraction and retention has been guided by data-driven strategies, emphasizing the importance of as a central platform for showcasing opportunities in the region. Leveraging digital marketing, direct referrals, and partnerships with Mission Wisconsin, Centergy has facilitated six talent candidate referrals and achieved a notable 92% increase in social media follows. These efforts are instrumental in positioning Central Wisconsin as an attractive destination for skilled professionals.

Community Engagement and Development

Centergy’s community engagement initiatives have fostered collaboration and growth across the region. From contributing to broadband planning to organizing developer tours and community feature highlights. Centergy has engaged 90+ HR/Business professionals, sent over 30 support letters for projects, had 18 community meetings, and gathered 100 municipalities and economic development professionals.


Looking Ahead

As Centergy continues to drive economic growth and engagement in Central Wisconsin, its achievements in the past year serve as a testament to its commitment to the region’s prosperity. With a focus on partnership building, policy advocacy, talent attraction, and community development, Centergy is well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities and shape the region’s future success.

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