Centergy, Inc. Announces 2023 Central Wisconsin Days Issue Papers

Central WI Days


March 15th, 2023, Central Wisconsin, WI – Centergy and its partners will be presenting critical area economic issues to state policymakers on April 5th in Madison for Central Wisconsin Days.

Almost 100 residents will be meeting with lawmakers to inform them about high-priority, public policy issues that impact economic development in Central Wisconsin. As Central Wisconsin’s voice on high-priority, public policy issues that impact economic development in Central Wisconsin, Centergy’s 2023 focus is on workforce challenges including housing, childcare and tax reform.


Supporting Central Wisconsin Families

An overwhelming need for childcare has been identified in central Wisconsin. A shortage of childcare has left many parents/guardians with no other option than to remain home to care for their children, and not return to the workforce post-pandemic. If this lack of childcare continues to persist, our communities will realize the out-migration of young families who leave to find gainful employment where care is readily available.


Tax and Revenue Reform For Our People

While Wisconsin has made improvements in lowering the tax burden, we remain one of the highest-taxed states in the nation. To remain competitive for talent attraction and business growth, Wisconsin must lower its tax burden and prioritize spending to attract and retain talent.


Vibrant communities are important to both businesses and residents. Many municipalities are struggling to maintain basic functions of government, such as public safety (police, fire, EMS), infrastructure, water supply, and waste disposal. Financial challenges exist based upon revenue and levy limits, as well as long-outdated municipal shared revenue and school funding formulas.


Housing for our Workforce

Wisconsin is facing a severe housing shortage due to demographics and slowdowns in new construction. By 2030 Wisconsin will need to build over 200,000 housing units. While we need more multi-family and single-family housing in all income categories, the need for “starter homes” and middle-income workforce housing is especially acute. An increase in single and multi-family housing stock in the Centergy Region is directly related to our ability to recruit and retain people in the prime working ages of 25-64.


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About Centergy
Centergy, Inc. is a 501(c)4 nonprofit regional marketing and economic development organization. Our purpose is to foster collaboration among private and public-sector leaders throughout the five counties of central Wisconsin that make up the Centergy Region: Adams, Lincoln, Marathon, Portage, and Wood Counties.